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Story of a Pilot, Story of a Hero – Shaheed Pilot Nadeem Khateeb


Nadeem Khateeb (Kashmir based US Pilot)

Nadeem Khateeb was born on 1st August 1967 at Doda. This family from Badherwah has the distinction of always supporting the cause of people’s Right to Self Determination because of which constantly suffered victimization and long imprisonment at the hands of rules. Nadeem started his nursery schooling from Saint Joseph’s School, Baramulla in the year 1971, during his Father’s posting as an Executive Engineer at Baramulla. In the year 1974 he got admitted in Tyndale Biscoe School, Srinagar where from he along with the first other pioneers of the ongoing movement, including Ashfaq Majid Wani matriculated in the year 1983. He completed his Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in the year 1988 with Philosophy, Geography and Geology as his subjects. Later he took admission in Kashmir University in the year 1989 for Post Graduation (PG) degree in Geography as his favourite subject.
But he left Kashmir due to some reasons and joined Karnal Aviation Club, Karnal, Haryana for Commercial Pilot Training  and continued in this flying school till July 1992. From there Nadeem left for U.S.A in November 1992 and took admission in a flying school in Georgia, U.S.A sometimes in January 1993. This flying school, namely, The South Eastern School Of Aeronautics Located At Herbert Smart Downtown, MACON, Georgia, trained Nadeem for Commercial Pilot License after which he passed the necessary flying tests conducted by FAA (Federation of Aviation Authority, U.S.A). After obtaining this license, he was taken as Flying Instructor in the same flying school which he accepted to increase his flying hours.
Nadeem after logging around 736 flying hours on various planes obtained Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License from United Kingdom (U.K), Civil Aviation Authority.

Then He returned to Kashmir on his parent’s persuasion on November 1994. During his stay in Kashmir and Delhi, he tried to seek employment in various Airlines operating in India but being a Muslim and a Kashmiri as well, got cold shoulders everywhere, after which he was sent back to U.S.A for getting Boeing 737 jet training in September 1996 so as to improve his value for seeking employment in Gulf countries. He got his Boeing 737 rating from Business Air Corporate Aviation Flight School at Wiley Post Airport, Bethany, and Oklohama, U.S.A.
After this jet training, Nadeem continued to stay in U.S.A working on contract basis with some Airlines on a salary of 18000/- Dollars ($) per month. That is about 8 Lakh INR.
Since childhood, Nadeem was Religious minded but was modern in his outlook. He had liking for collection of religious books. His study of Holy Quran had enthusiased him for real Jihad. He would always say that, Holy Quran commands us to fight against the Tyranny and Barbarism, without caring for consequences. Nadeem by his studies of Holy Quran and other literature emphasized that there is a need to practice Islam in its true spirit & entirety as well. He emphasized the fact that this life is transitory and we must work for the eternal life. He renounced all worldly comforts and chose to fight like true Muslim.
His family wanted to get him married but he was somehow reluctant, maybe planning for his sacred mission. Then he left the job of 8 Lakh INR as Salary (18,000 $) and went to Pakistan from USA to join Al Badr Organization in order to achieve his motive.
Nadeem is believed to have fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya. He was living with the philosophy “Al Ardhu Lillah, Wal Hukmu Lillah” (This Earth belongs to Allah and the sovereignty belongs to Allah) with which his life was influenced. Then he decided to fight for Islam.
During his training in Pakistan, He was very cordial to everyone. And after observing magnanimity in his personality, He was elected as Ameer-e-Qaafila (Leader of Caravan) which was heading for Udhampur, J&K.
And at last, Nadeem achieved martyrdom on 29 Feb, 1999 fighting Indian occupation forces in Gool, Gulab Garh area of Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir. He was nice to the people of Gool as well who contributed 4000/- INR for his shroud and provided land for his grave (in Gool).

After 13 days of his burial, his family came to know about his martyrdom in Gool, then they (his family) rushed to Gool in order to exhume his body from the grave with the help of a relative working in Udhampur.
When they were trying to exhume his body, some BSF personnel were making fun of their sentiments by saying, “why are you wasting your time, you will get nothing except bones and skull”. But while exhuming his body, blood started oozing out from his body like a fountain and everyone noticed a perfume like fragrance coming out from his grave. “This is called Hayaat-e-Jaawidaani”, her Mother told them in a courageous tone.
It’s unbelievable to see blood coming out from a dead body which was earthen for almost 13 days, but it was the body of a Martyr, inevitable to witness this miracle.
His Mother also said, “we took His body and buried him in our ancestral graveyard at Rawalpora, Srinagar, Kashmir. And the fragrance of his body remained for one year in our house”.

Shaheed Kabhi Nahi Marta” (Martyr Never Dies), Said his Mother confidently.

The Research is in process and hopefully will be completed in 2016.

Khan Ansur
Srinagar, Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)